Key Initiatives

Workforce Development

Richmond specializes in helping people with the most severe intellectual and developmental disabilities who also have complex medical needs and are physically frail.

We are experts at what we do. To maintain our expertise, we must ensure that our staff is well trained. Staff members must know how to use the latest, cutting-edge medical and diagnostic equipment and assistive and augmentative technology devices, have a solid understanding of the complex medical needs of each individual, and follow through precisely with instructions from medical and clinical staff.

Staff development is a priority for us. Our over 70 training topics impart important information that staff members need to master to meet our demanding standards — as well those of the people we support and their families. As medical advances are made and new technologies are developed, there is always more to learn.

Donor dollars make a difference in preparing our workforce to be as effective as possible.

Enriching lives one person at a time

What makes a life fully lived and enjoyed?

Is it celebrating the holidays with family and friends?

Individual donor gifts enable us to celebrate the holidays throughout the year with festive decorations and activities. Books, music CDs, DVDs, trips into the community, and support for our Self-Advocacy chapter – all these are only possible thanks to the generosity of donors.

Is it getting a present that shows that someone really knows you and cares?

Everyone loves getting presents! Donor dollars in all amounts help make sure we can surprise and delight the people we support with a personalized birthday or holiday gift picked out just for them.

Is it being able to count on friends?

Activities and community outings organized by Richmond support social interaction and friendships. Visits from community members, perhaps to read a book or to share in a holiday celebration, are always enjoyed.

Is it feeling you are maximizing your potential? Or perhaps feeling welcomed and respected by others?

In fact, all of these are factors in leading a rich and full life. Donor gifts provide the supports and services that enable the people we support to live life to the utmost.

Real Homes for Real People

Our challenge is to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art medical and durable equipment into a home-like setting, and to encourage as much independence and comfort as possible while also ensuring safety.

Each person has different needs requiring customized beds and medical equipment in bedrooms and social areas. Furnishings must be compatible with wheelchair use, some rooms must have ready access to oxygen, kitchens must be modified for those in wheelchairs, and bathrooms must be conveniently situated with state-of-the-art roll in tubs, showers and adaptive toilets while being respectful of privacy.

We design and update each of our group homes to incorporate the most effective equipment and enhancements so that people can live with as much dignity, comfort and independence as possible.

Designing, modifying and updating our group homes is a costly, ongoing challenge. But the reward of creating real homes for real people is priceless.

Annual Fund

Each year we ask individuals to contribute to our annual fund, to sustain our overall efforts and success.
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