We Are Cutting Edge

MOVE™ (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience) is an innovative national program that enables people with significant developmental disabilities to improve sitting, standing and walking skills. The program greatly enhances a person’s ability to move on his or her own, through the use of adaptive equipment and intensive one-on-one instruction.

As people gain independence from their wheelchairs or sit up on their own, their improved mobility brings a tremendous sense of accomplishment to the participant and great joy to family members, who never imagined the progress their loved one would make. MOVE™ helps people stand, often enabling them to see eye-to-eye with others for the very first time. As a result, we find participants are more sociable, interact with peers and others to a greater degree, and act with more independence, as they see the world from a new perspective. We are proud to be a part of this national program, which enhances people’s dignity, as it improves the quality of life in such a significant way.