We Are Self Advocates

We believe individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, such as ourselves, should be full and valued members of their communities, and exercise as much control over their own lives as possible.

We are part of the Hudson Valley Regional Self Advocacy Association; our local chapter is known as The Open Doors.

As participants in The Open Doors, we decide what issues to focus on, such as creating more employment opportunities or how to gain the advocacy skills needed to make our collective voices heard.

We also testify at public hearings, speak to outside groups, write letters to politicians and raise money to support our activities. Richmond and its generous donors provide support including transportation and staffing so that we can attend regional and state meetings to meet peers, learn more about issues and opportunities, and receive self-advocacy training.

We welcome people from the community to join us, whether they live at home, on their own or in a group setting. To learn more, call (914) 968-1900, and ask to be connected to the Social Work Department. From there, you can be connected to a member of The Open Doors.