We Are Innovative

When Tommy’s wheelchair broke, he found out it was going to take 30 days for repairs to be made. Deprived of his only mode of transport, he reluctantly resigned himself to be housebound for an extended period of time.

Realizing how often predicaments such as Tommy’s happen to people with disabilities, and the devastating effect of becoming housebound, and for some with severe disabilities, bedbound, we were determined to find a better way. Wheels-on-Wheels is the result of that determination.

Wheels-on-Wheels is a mobile wheelchair clinic. Richmond quickly dispatches a trained repair technician in a van, fully equipped with wheelchair parts and an array of tools, to make on the spot repairs, or to provide a loaner chair. This innovative program enables people to resume their normal activities with little inconvenience or waiting time.

Given the frequency of the need for wheelchair repoars, we are proud of our creative solution which will have a significantly positive impact on the people we support. Most of our program participants, and other people who use wheelchairs, require specially-adapted wheelchairs that accommodate their particular physique and disabilities. Chairs that receive heavy regular use inevitably require frequent repairs. In addition, as people age and change, their chairs must be adjusted, repaired, replaced or otherwise customized. For people who cannot walk, a well-fitted, functional wheelchair is critically important to their comfort level, mobility, and emotional well-being. Wheels-on-Wheels is a groundbreaking service that is truly making a difference in people’s lives.