Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

CQL Accreditation

Mt. Kisko, New York - Paca Lipovac annouced today that Richmond Community Services has been awarded a three- year Quality Assrance Accreditation from CQL.  The Council on Quality and Leadership.  This award confirms that the organization embraces person-centered solutions to improve the quailty of life for people recieving supports and services


​When Richmond Community Services partnered with CQL to pursue accreditation, it undertook a rigorous process to review and improve supports and services. The efforts Richmond were focused on empowering the people who recieve supports to pursue what really matters in their lives, and achieve their personally- defined outcomes.


Richmond Community Services has been awarded CQl accreditation as a result of demonstrating proficiency in the following areas:

  • Basic Assurances

​​Ensuring fundamental safeguards related to health, safety and human security

  • ​Personal Outcome Measures

Supporting and empowering people to achieve their goals and dreams

  • ​Person-Centered Excellence

​​Demonstrating organizational commitment to continued enhancement of systems


​"CQL commends RIchmond Community Services for it's success in increasing the quality of life for the people it supports.  We are pleased to partner with them on this journey of ongoing orgnaizational transformation," states Mary Kay Rizzolo, President and CEO of CQL



​For more informaiton on what it means to be CQl Accedidated Click Here