Quality Lives for People with Developmental Disabilities

NYSACRA & NYSRA Action Alert

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act last month, a bill that would cut Medicaid by more than $800 billion in the next 10 years and harm people with disabilities disproportionately. The U.S. Senate is considering passing a similar bill, possibly as soon as next week. If the two houses agree on the final version, the President would in all likelihood sign the legislation.


If this happens, millions of people will lose Medicaid and other health insurance coverage. Many programs, supports and services for people with disabilities will be drastically reduced or eliminated. The #bFair2DirectCare coalition has created a fact sheet that explains the likely effects that this legislation would have on New Yorkers with disabilities and their families.


Please help educate your representatives in Washington, the media and the public to the devastating consequences of this proposed legislation.



Here's What You Can Do:



1. Contact New York’s two U.S. Senators and a) thank them for their ongoing opposition to Medicaid cuts and b) ask them to vote NO on the AHCA (for contact information, you may use ANCOR’s tool by clicking here. When contacting Senators, share your perspective as a person/family member/provider of services to people with disabilities, and what Medicaid-funded services mean to you.


2. Write to your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington and tell them to vote against any legislation that will cut Medicaid. You can help ensure that misinformed politicians do not dismantle the safety net for people with disabilities that has taken decades to build (click here to download a draft letter).  Likewise with Senators, when contacting Representatives, share your perspective and the reasons you find Medicaid-funded supports so valuable.


3. Write your local media outlets (to view a recent letter to the editor of the Buffalo News by Mindy Cervoni, CEO of CSDD, click here.)


4. Attend Town Hall gatherings (sign up for your U.S. House and U.S. Senate elected officials’ email updates to learn about dates and locations of Town Hall gatherings and other information by going to elected official’s websites; if you do not know who represents you, use ANCOR’s locator tool linked here and input your zip code to find out!


5. Post your objections and your point of view on social media.


  • Use your Social Media accounts to contact and tag your Congressional representatives in Washington DC.
  • Follow and use the hashtags: #SaveMedicaid, #VoteNoAHCA, #AHCA, #NoCutsNoCaps, #Medicaid, #SaveOurCare.   
  • Use photos, tag your Congressional representatives and encourage family and friends to share your message.


Sample Tweets / Social Media Posts:



People with disabilities deserve the same care as everyone else! #SaveMedicaid


#SaveMedicaid Largest payer of mental health care is Medicaid. AHCA will cut Medicaid by $880 mil! Contact your reps today!


Tweet, post, email, write a letter or call @SenGillibrand and @SenSchumer and tell them to #SaveMedicaid!


There is still work to do to #SaveMedicaid! Cutting Medicaid would harm people w/ disabilities. SHARE the One Pager: bit.ly/2reLzKS


@(YourRepresentative’s Account Here) Millions rely on Medicaid for critical care. #VoteNoAHCA