Dedicated Employees

We are Knowledgeable Professionals

Richmond is a recognized leader in providing compassionate, professional care, that is customized to the needs of each child and adult we support. The skills, devotion and tenure of our staff greatly enhance the quality of services Richmond provides.

We recruit carefully, and continually invest in our staff’s education and training, to ensure innovative care and round-the-clock specialized support. The physical frailty and complex medical needs of the people we support require knowledgeable, experienced staff members who are experts in their particular fields. Our health services team includes doctors; nurses; occupational, physical and speech therapists; dietitians; social workers; psychologists; neurologists; and podiatrists. Our direct support staff is noted for its dedication, compassion and friendly rapport with family members, as well as the people they support on a daily basis.

                                                                                                                                                      Anita Thomas- Direct Support Professional

Bertha Chavez- Direct Support Professional

Darren Wilson- Speech and Language Pathologist

Sandra Bullock- Direct Support Professional


“Opportunities for advancement abound at Richmond Community Services – and job satisfaction is enormous!”

Mildred Delgado, employee