Professional Management

We Are Experienced Professionals…


Meet our Senior Staff

Claudette Beckford
Chief Operating Officer

Matinah Drew
Director of Human Resources

Wallace Jenkins, MD
Medical Director

Andrew Kaplan
Vice President of Financial Service/CFO

Paca Lipovac, MD, MPT, CWS
President & Chief Executive Officer

Pam Peterkin-White
Director of Workforce Development

Pela Terry
Corporate Compliance Officer

Emily Rubio
Director of Quality


Our professional managers hold multiple degrees in clinical fields, as well as management. Our staff combines an unusual depth of training with ample hands-on experience. In addition, we are experts at maximizing resources to get the most we can from each dollar, each staff member, each additional resource. We share the ability to be inspired by the people we support, and that motivates us to be creative, innovative and efficient stewards. We interact each day with the people we support. They are never far from our minds, and addressing their needs is at the heart of our actions.