How We Help

Richmond helps in so many ways. We provide a family-like home with the security and comfort that all people are entitled to along with specialized assistive technology and residential supports so that our residents have the opportunity to maximize their abilities.

Richmond’s home-like environment enables each person to live with as much independence as possible, while being well supported and respected.

We also provide an array of community supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. This includes respite care, day programs, and Medicaid service coordination in English and Spanish. Richmond’s team of experts help people live more independently through redesigning their homes by making physical adaptations, as well as innovative programs such as MOVE ™ (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience) and WOW (Wheels-on-Wheels).

MOVE™ is an innovative national program that enables people with significant developmental disabilities improves sitting, standing and walking skills. Wheels-on-Wheels (WOW) provides timely, invaluable wheel chair repair service for residents of our group homes and other people with severe disabilities in the community. We are experts at environmental modifications which help people live more independently at home through physical adaptations.

Our team of professionals understands and addresses the full spectrum of individual needs, including medical, educational, psychological and daily living supports, to foster optimal social, emotional and physical well being while also encouraging community integration to the fullest extent possible. Together, our efforts enhance the quality of life for the people we support while ensuring peace of mind to families.

“I’ve been able to put my head down on my pillow and sleep each night for the past 26 years knowing my daughter is getting excellent round-the-clock care,”

Susan Goldman, Parent